Feature-benefits Highlight

  1. Speedy
  2. Reduce Labor Cost
  3. Super Convenient
  4. Highest Accuracy
  5. Multi Purposes
  6. Variety of Sizes & Features

Applications in schools
With a facial recognition and body temperature detection, the body temperature and time when students enter the classroom can be recorded in the system, which conveniently accommodates faculty inquiries and statistics. Once a student is found to show symptoms of fever, the system will automatically send out a warning for the school to immediately isolate the potential patient. This is to prevent large-scale infection in the school and ensure the orderliness of school teaching.

Applications in companies and offices
Before employees enter the workplace, they will first pass through the Check-in Nursing Machine. The machine can take attendance and measure body temperature at the same time. Once an individual is found to have fever symptoms, the system will send out a warning for the personnel in-charge to immediately isolate the individual with a fever. This is to avoid large-scale infections that might affect normal company operations. A healthy and reassuring office environment can be created in the company to offer employees maximum protection.

Applications in public places such as restaurants, clubs, supermarkets, and shopping Malls
The machine can accurately and conveniently measure body temperature of customers.Meanwhile, real-time customer flow data can be recorded in the system to conveniently facilitate analysis and boost business performance in the future. Once an individual with a fever is found,front-desk management personnel may refuse to let the person enter to avoid the spread of disease and provide other customers with a reassuring place to make purchases. This will in turn help build consumer confidence and enthusiasm.

Note: In public places where facial recognition for identifying individuals is not required, it is recommended to use smart video cameras HD-CINS-TB01 with body temperature measurement and recording features.