Feature-benefits Highlight

  1. Automatically creates records of visitors' temperature, time in & out etc..
  2. Captures the data of asymptomatic carrier

Product description
If a patient is confirmed ill with infectious disease and has entered the venue in the past 30 days as an asymptomatic carrier. The information of those visitors who enters the venue at the same period of time as that patient can be instantly retrieved from the Intelligent Visitors Management System and relevant action can be taken to avoid further spread of disease.

With a photo-taking feature, the identity of persons entering the venue can be recorded. At the same time, the system will detect the body temperature of persons entering the venue. The location and purpose of visitors can be entered or selected on the screen. Upon completion, relevant messages will be immediately stored in the computer system. Relevant messages can include the appearance of the person entering the venue, identification information, telephone number, date and time of entering, destination, body temperature, etc. When visitors leave from the venue, the system will instantly record their leaving time by scanning the bar code labels. The management at the venue can have fully awareness of all the personnel at the venue and effectively prevent cross-contamination. In case of an emergency, the contact information of relevant persons can be instantly retrieved from the system for prompt handling. Once a person with a high fever is found, the system will immediately set off alarm for management personnel to immediately carry out isolation measures and avoid the risk of infectious disease spread. The system provides powerful functions, fully catering to the service needs of management personnel in public places and preventing the spread of an epidemic.