Feature-benefits Highlight

  1. Actualize paperless Clinic Automation
  2. Reduce Labor Cost
  3. Avoid privacy issue by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system to identify patients ID card number

Product description
While a patient’s information is being registered on the Auto Multi-Tasks CMS Machine, the patients’ body temperature is detected via infrared. Upon completion, the patient may take a clinic queue number from the system. The patient’s body temperature information, registered queuing date and time, and queue number are stored in the patient’s file. When it is the patient’s turn to see the doctor, the doctor may instantly retrieve the patient’s file from the computer, which greatly reduces the queuing time. Clinic work efficiency will also be enhanced, as manual registration is no longer required. At the same time, the clinical staff’s direct contact with patients can be reduced. If a patient’s body temperature is found to be higher than normal, the system will immediately set off alarm. Medical staff will then isolate and divert patients to prevent cross-contamination, thereby creating a reassuring clinical environment for patients.