The COVID-19 continues to rage. The epidemic has set off the alarm for the whole world. In recent years, in addition to COVID-19, various new viruses and diseases have emerged one after another, which pose constant threats to the health and development of society.

These viruses not only can pose huge challenges for the global medical system, but also drag down the economy and development of civilization. An important step to resisting viral invasions is to increase alertness and strengthen sanitation measures and defenses. Practicing community-wide real-time temperature monitoring should be done, especially in public places such as agencies, schools, clinics, buildings, etc., is an important means for preventing the spread of viruses in communities. To prevent cross-contamination in crowded areas, our product solution can effectively, conveniently, and accurately assist relevant agencies in taking preventive measures and substantively reducing the likelihood of various viral infections, thereby creating a safe and reassuring environment.

UVC + TiOAir Disinfection Machine

Double Air Disinfection Effect

100% Formaldehyde & Odor Removal

The airborne bacteria, viruses, molds and mites are constantly appearing around us and floating in the air


Protect yourself, your loved ones & pets with SaniThruTM UVC + TiO2 Air Disinfection Machine

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Certification & Recognition · Complies with European & International · Standards The Choice of Confidence

Design & Function

The machine is designed with double compartments, and installed with Philips UVC 253.7nm lamps and TiOFilter

Fight Against SARS-CoV-2Covid-19)

It achieves double air sterilization effect & the deodorization effect as well.


1/ Easy to operate, one-click control, simple and easy to use.

2/ Eco-friendly, one machine can be used for three years without the need to replace any filter.

Suitable use for people, pets and homes.

ChildSeniorPetDriver & Passenger
BronchitisRhinitisProtect respiratory tract & lungs Anti-mold

SaniThruTM UVC + TiO2 Air Disinfection Machine VS Others 


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